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Welcome to Bosqueville Baptist!

Our Community Statement:

Be Known, Be Loved, Belong.




Age-Specific Ministries

Our Vision Statement:

Journeying in Faith, Serving in Love,

Offering Hope through Christ

Our Mission Statement:

Bosqueville Baptist Church is a body of believers who believe their mission is to share the love of God in Jesus Christ with all people, beginning with their own community, to develop Christians to Christ-like maturity, to equip them for meaningful ministry, to worship God, and to build supportive relationships.

Our Mission
  • To be a dynamic spiritual organism empowered by the Holy Spirit to share Christ with as many people as possible in our church, community, and throughout the world.


  • To be a worshipping fellowship, experiencing an awareness of God, recognizing His person, and responding in obedience to His leadership.


  • To experience an increasingly meaningful fellowship with God and fellow believers.


  • To help people experience a growing knowledge of God.


  • To be a church which ministers unselfishly in Jesus’ name to persons in the community and the world.


  • To be a church whose purpose is to be Christ-like in our daily living by emphasizing total commitment of life, personality, and possessions to the lordship of Christ.